2019 Fundraising Legends

A big shout out to our amazing MS Legends and members of the $1,000 Club! Thank you for going above and beyond in the ride to fight MS.


MS Legends

As an MS Legend, you will be rewarded with an MS Legends Jersey and either a bronze, silver, or gold patch to recognise your efforts.

Charlie Bennett
Michael Chan
Anthony Martin
Geoff Green
Ashley Bachmann
Vanessa Castle
Simon Drummond
Paul Flanders
Hayden McDonald
Melanie Bauer-Ludbey
Joseph Kelly
Ian Bloemendal
Jeff Maddalena
Suzanne Gamer
Philip Cowley
James Lindsay
Andrew Mill

$1000 Club Members

Raise $1000+ and you will join the MS $1000 Club.

James Woodard
Greg Kennedy
Geoff Green
Alana Kenny
Nick Mair
Jeff Maddalena
Mark Gamer
Rachel Maddalena
Jimmy Stewart
Sallie Fletcher
David Moody
Katherine Johnston
Steve Nielsen
Nathan Lovell
Cindy Cooke
Joseph Kelly
Ben Knight
Ian Ivory
Simon Patterson
Melanie Bauer-Ludbey
Paul Tseng
Ray Parkin OAM
Ben Bowen
Megan Conlon
Stuart Smith
Bill Collyer
John Blackley
Jules Davidson
Daniel Brewis
John Delaney
David Rutter
Guy Burgess
Nasir Chowdhury
Marty Robson

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