Scott Manix, living with MS for 6 years

Scott Manix, a husband and father of two was diagnosed with MS in October 2013 at the young age of 37.

His initial symptoms were numbness and tingling in his hands, and electric shock sensations in his legs.

On receiving the news from his doctor, a rush of many emotions flooded his mind. “When I looked over to see my beautiful wife and the tears that started welling in her eyes it was there and then I decided I would do anything humanly possible to manage this disease and I was not going down without a massive fight.”


His thoughts turned to his family and many questions were running through his head… “What about my kids? What will my future look like? Will I be able to have a normal life?”

Scott did not know much about MS and turned to the internet to find out more information. It was when he googled MS that he came across the Brissie to the Bay bike ride and knew that this was one way he can help find a cure.

Scott has been amazed by the support of his friends and local community since his diagnosis, especially when less than 6 months after his diagnosis, he had a relapse and lost sensation and movement in his left leg.

“There have been many low days but they have been outweighed by the kind words of support and numerous offers of help.” His friends and neighbours rallied around him and his family and helped them through this difficult time by providing practical support such as meals and mowing of the lawn.

Ten years ago Scott started his own business doing electrical contracting, and says he’s very grateful to have his own business as it gives him flexibility for those days when he’s not feeling too good. Since his diagnosis, Scott has had to put his golfing days on hold, however still goes to the gym regularly and also plays football and hockey.

Scott’s motto in life is “Stay strong, don’t let anything defeat you without a good fight!”

To help him stay strong, Scott is now conscious of his diet and eats well, and chooses to have a positive mindset.

What does Scott say about MS?

“I will not let it beat me!”

Scott, living with MS since 2013

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