Need some tips to help you with the uphill climb?

We have 6 tips for cycling uphill to help you with your rides.

1. Build stamina

Find a hill you can conquer and ride up for 5 minutes. Ride back down the hill and rest at the bottom for 5 minutes. Repeat two more times.

2. Lean out, don’t bulk

The hulk may be awesome but he isn’t built for cycling, cycling requires lean muscle. Try adding yoga or plyometrics to your workouts.

3. Focus, focus, focus

Practice focus tecniques such as:

4. Have a gearing strategy

Don’t just shift gears. Between 75 and 85 is the optimum cadence for most riders riding uphill.

5. Power position

Put your body in power position by:

6. Will the real slim shady please stand up

Stand up strategically. Standing up is used for surging, sprinting, and on longer climbs. Be sure to stretch your back and legs.


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